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Like many Dominican girls, Yoelisa likes to have a good time. When she met Shimmy at the pub and they had fun, she had no second thoughts about accepting his invitation to go to his place. When they reached there, she right away jumped into the pool for a swim. Shimmy watched her and got horny because of her smoking hot body. But he decided to let her get cold and come looking for warmth then take his chance.

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When she was done with her swim, she wanted to sunbathe when he told her he had a better idea. They went to the couch and started fooling around, and within minutes, she was holding his dick and giving him the kind of head he had longed for. His kisses and touches were making her horny too, and she climbed on top of him and rode his dick like mad. He pounded the Dominican girls warm and juicy pussy like there was no tomorrow and showed her what a stud he was.

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Michelle is one of the prettiest Dominican girls that Shimmy has ever had to fuck. And she’s not only pretty, but she’s as naughty as they come. They had met the day before in the mall, and he invited her to his house. Not shy, she removed her jeans and remained with her hot pants. She then whispered to him how she loves having sex in the shower, then proceeded to go to the shower.

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He didn’t need a second invitation. All soppy, they fooled around and she put on a show for him. She touched herself and moaned while he watched. This drove him mad and when he could not take it any longer, he pulled her roughly and kissed her hard before his hands reached for her tender breasts and fondled them. Her hands found their way to his dick and guided it into her warm and eager pussy, damn that was one fine Dominican girl!

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